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Prime Book

Prime Book is an online sport betting firm located in India that provides a wide variety of cricket betting games all less than one roof. Prime Book also hosts live tournaments for its players. On Prime Book, you may discover the greatest possibilities for betting on cricket sports online.


Instead of just participating in the activities that we all like, our major mission is to guarantee that we provide a one-of-a-kind gaming platform that enables players to put their tactical knowledge of the games to good use. The company was established in 2011, and it now has over 5 lakh pleased consumers. The goal of Prime Book is to provide entertainment while also being India's most reliable sports platform.

Why US?

Our customers adore us for the work that we do for them, and we adore them for the money that they pay us.

One of our strengths is ensuring that we do not take the support of our clients for granted. We won't mislead anybody by claiming that we are the greatest in the world since we know that trust is earned through time. Try out our system and services for yourself, and make your own decision.

Id Used Online

More than half a million people who play cricket online use our service.

High Security

You won't have to deal with any problems when playing games online.

24/7 Support

Complaints, questions regarding the new id, and help available 24 hours a day.

100% Reliable Customer Service

When you use our service, we will ensure that you have the quickest withdrawal possible.


When adding money to Prime Book, is it safe to do so?

The process of adding funds to your Prime Book account is one that is not only straightforward but also risk-free. In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal information while it is stored with us, we have authorized a wide variety of distinct payment methods on Prime Book.

In addition to this, When you have validated your personal information, you will be able to transfer any winnings from Prime Book straight to the bank account of your choosing.

What Are the Rules of Play on Prime Book?               

Can I participate in the game without a Premium ID?

No, you can't do that. Even though a demo account allows you to browse Prime Book, you won't be able to place bets until you upgrade to a premium account. In addition, unless you make an account, all of the game areas will stay unavailable for play.

What kind of bonus am I eligible for when I book using Prime Book?

The website now provides users with a first deposit bonus for the sports book worth 5% of their first deposit, a weekly losing bonus on their accounts, as well as seasonal promotions and special bonuses and rewards that are also accessible.

I live outside of India; am I able to still register?

 Of course. Bettors and gamblers in India have access to Prime Book. Prime Book is accessible to them. Nevertheless, bear in mind that some locations do not have access to the Live cricket section.

Where can I get the information I need to withdraw money from Prime Book?

To begin, you must amass a minimum of one hundred yen and ensure that either your electronic wallet or your bank account is operational in order to transfer the money. In only a few minutes, any and all transactions may be completed.

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