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Sportsbook: Iceexchange

Iceexchange has a huge sportsbook with plenty of betting options and more than 3,000 daily events from a wide variety of sports to choose from. It caters to Indian consumers by highlighting cricket and other national pastimes. Check out the available sports below to place a wager.

Iceexchange Cricket

The Indian patrons of Iceexchange are huge cricket fans. Those interested in placing wagers on cricket matches can choose from a number of competitions, including the Indian Premier League. Here is a rundown of what's happening right now:

ODI, England vs. New Zealand, the Indian Premier League, Twenty20, the UK County Championship, and many more.

Another well-liked activity at Iceexchange is Kabaddi Kabaddi, and you may place wagers on a wide range of events with a wide range of betting options. Major League Kabaddi, International Clubs, and other events are all available for wagering on Iceexchange.

Iceexchange Football

Football is the most frequently wagered-upon sport, and Iceexchange caters to this by offering numerous football events every day. Popular football competitions on Iceexchange include the European Championship, UEFA Nations League, CONCACAF Nations League, Argentina Premier League, and many more.

Bets can be put on a wide range of daily events in tennis, making it one of the most popular sports for wagering. 

This includes tournaments at the ATP, WTA, ATP Challenger, and WTA 125k levels.

Iceexchange Baseball

Indian users of Iceexchange get access to the baseball betting options available there. You can wager on major league baseball in the United States, as well as the Chinese Taipei CPBL and other domestic leagues.

Iceexchange Boxing

Boxing is a widely followed sport in India. Here, you may view upcoming fights as they happen in real time on the De-Fi platform Iceexchange. The results and statistics page lists each boxer's wins, losses, and other relevant information, which may help you make a more informed prediction.

Iceexchange UFC

It's no surprise that Iceexchange is a hotspot for UFC fans (UFC). There are a lot of UFC events televised daily on Iceexchange, and you can bet on them using a wide range of betting methods. Multiple wagering opportunities exist in this part of the world, however they may generally be broken down into two categories:

the Ultimate Fighting Championship; UFC Fright Night.

Iceexchange eSports

To put it simply, eSports are competitive video games that are played for financial gain. You can wager on their games on the betting platform, and they are getting a lot of attention. Take the following as an example of wagering opportunities:

Countless eSports titles, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and StarCraft 2.

Iceexchange Dota 2

One of the most played games of its kind, Dota 2 is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Check out the following for a sampling of the events and championships hosted by Iceexchange:

The Sazka Eleague Spring, DPC North America, the Khaz Modan Cup, WL Insight, and many others.

Iceexchange LOL

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game with several online tournaments. Here's the whole rundown of them for your perusal:

The Hitpoint Masters, LLA 2022, LCK CL 2022, LCO 2022, NLC 2022, and many more.

Iceexchange CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is certainly among the most played esports titles at Iceexchange. If you're interested in attending any of these functions, see the schedule below.

Leagues such as the Doritos Balkan League, the ESEA Cash Cup, the Republeague, the CBCS Elite League 2022, the Ultras League, and many more.

StarCraft 2 is an old strategy game with several online tournaments and championships where you can wager on the outcome. If you're curious about what's happening now, you might want to check out the following:

There's the International Tournament of Aces (ITAX), the International Starcraft II League, and a few others.

Iceexchange Computer-Generated Competition

Sports that take place entirely online in the form of a brief video game are known as "virtual." Popular examples include "virtual horse racing" and "virtual cricket," in which players place bets on the outcome of a match based on predetermined conditions and then immediately see the results on their screens. At Iceexchange, you may place bets on a variety of simulated sports, including horse racing, speedway racing, motorcycle racing, and many others.

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